A Note from Luxx Team

Luxx Store is a women-owned and managed company that inspires women in all spheres. With Luxx Store, we have created something close to our heart that can naturally incorporate into one's daily life.
And our brand goes far above the outward beauty of a woman. Luxx Store aspires to be this magic touch of innovation that awakens women from within, and she dares to be confident and beautiful every day.

What was inspiration behind Luxx Store?

What inspires us as a brand is to make innovative beauty accessible to everyone at an affordable price range. And we want to make you feel unique and beautiful from within while you are pampering yourself with our products, be it our Luxx Air Pro, Liner Pro, or Lashcara!

Who is Luxx Store for?

Luxx Store is for every girl, every woman, and every person out there who wants to feel unique and radiate their warmth from within. Our products are for everyone to use and appreciate themselves every day. We want Luxx Store to be a part of your daily beauty routine for you to be confident in yourself.