Your Beauty at Home: Introducing our Diverse Lash Extension Kit

  • by Luxx Team
Your Beauty at Home: Introducing our Diverse Lash Extension Kit

Transforming your look from the comfort of your home has always been challenging. We are thrilled to introduce our versatile lash extension at-home kit, designed to bring the salon experience to you. Luxx Lashcara Pro kit

Discover the freedom to express your unique beauty with our carefully curated lash collection, all within the convenience of our Luxx Lashcara Pro kit - a lash extension at-home kit.

Vegan Mink Lash - Cruelty-Free and Reusable

Our commitment to ethical beauty is evident in our Vegan Mink lashes. These cruelty-free lashes are environmentally conscious and reusable for more than 10 times. With each application lasting longer than 10 days, you not only enhance your beauty but do so with a clear conscience.

International Lash Day is celebrated annually on February 19th

What's Inside the Lashcara Pro Kit:

1.Cluster Lash for Effortless DIY:

Included in every kit is our Cluster Lash, offering you the creative freedom to shape and define your unique lash style effortlessly.

2. BOND - Easy as Mascara:

Our specially formulated BOND ensures a seamless application, applied near the roots of your lashes. This step guarantees a strong and secure hold for your lashes.

3. SEALANT - The Secret to Longevity:

Seal the deal with our SEALANT, using the eye-shaped applicator to ensure a robust hold that lasts more than 10 days—up to even more extended periods.

4. Cleansing Gel Oil - Revitalize and Reuse:

Introducing our Cleansing Gel Oil, not just for removing lashes but also for the post-use care of your Cluster Lashes. 

Apply the gel oil after removing the lashes, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and gently remove the glue. Voila! Your lashes are refreshed and ready for reuse.

5. Lash Applicator - Universally Flattering:

Our Lash Applicator is designed to match all eye shapes, ensuring a seamless and comfortable application experience.

Say goodbye to the struggle of perfectly placing your lashes—our applicator simplifies the process for everyone.

Celebrating Convenience

Luxx lash extension at-home kit combines convenience with a conscience. Empower yourself to take control of your look, choosing the lash style that suits your mood while contributing to cruelty-free and sustainable beauty practices. BOND, SEAL, and DONE.

Unlock the potential of our lash extension at-home kit, featuring six distinct models that cater to a variety of preferences. Now, let's delve into the diversity of Luxx Lashca ra Pro Kit collection:

Celebrating Diversity: Why Luxx 6-Style Lash Kit Matters

In the world of beauty, diversity is our guiding principle. Our lash extension at-home kit isn't just about options; it's about celebrating everyone's uniqueness. 
With six lash styles, we aim to cater to various preferences, ensuring our collection is as diverse as the beauty it enhances. 

Let's explore why our lash extension kit includes six styles, designed to suit different races, ethnicities, genders, and personal styles.

1. IRA - 12mm (Single Layer): Experience the subtle elegance of the IRA lash at the comfort of your home. This 12mm lash effortlessly enhances your eyes with sophistication, providing a touch of glamour for any occasion.

Get Gorgeous for Lash Day: Elevate Your Style with Perfect Lashes!

Elegant for everyone, enhances your natural beauty, a timeless choice.

2. IVA - 13mm (Natural): Achieve a natural and understated look with the IVA lash. This 13mm lash is perfect for everyday wear, offering a delicate allure that seamlessly blends with your unique style.

Celebrate Lash Day in Style: Embrace Beautiful Eyelashes!

Perfect for every day, suits all styles and occasions, a go-to for effortless charm.

3. IRIS - 13mm (Sweet): Infuse sweetness into your gaze with the IRIS lash, available in our lash extension at-home kit. At 13mm, this lash adds a charming touch, creating an endearing and playful appearance.

Lash Day Elegance: Amp Up Your Beauty with Fabulous Lashes

Adds universal charm with a touch of sweetness, irrespective of your style or background.

4. INES - 13mm (Sassy): Unleash your bold side with the INES lash, included in our lash extension at-home kit. The 13mm length adds a touch of sass and playfulness to your look, perfect for expressing your individuality.

Turn Heads on Lash Day: Achieve Stunning Eyelashes

Bold and playful, breaks cultural boundaries, for those who love universal sassiness.

5. IRENE - 15mm (Nature Look): Embrace a natural yet captivating look with the IRENE lash, part of our comprehensive lash extension at-home kit. The 15mm length seamlessly blends sophistication with the beauty of nature.

Lash Day Chic: Define Your Look with Gorgeous Lashes!

Inspired by nature, versatile for all races and genders, a fresh and captivating choice.

6. IVY - 15mm (Dramatic): Make a bold statement with the IVY lash, featured in our lash extension at-home kit. At 15mm, IVY adds intensity and allure, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect for an unforgettable appearance.

Lash Day Radiance: Shine Bright with Beautiful Eyelashes!

Universally appealing for those who love making a bold statement, adds intensity effortlessly.

Celebrating Convenience:

Our lash extension at-home kit is not just about beauty; it's about convenience and empowering you to control your look. Elevate your beauty routine with the freedom to choose the lash style that suits your mood, all within the comfort of your home.

Revel in Your Beauty Journey with the LUXX Lashcara Pro Kit Collection!

Choosing your lash style is now a breeze. From timeless elegance to bold statements, our collection ensures everyone finds their perfect fit, celebrating beauty in all its diverse forms.

With our lash extension at-home kit, you can effortlessly enhance your beauty and express your unique style. Elevate your look with the diverse options available, and let your lashes become a seamless extension of your personality. 

Embrace the convenience of achieving salon-worthy results at home with our lash extension kit, celebrating the beauty of diversity in every application.


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